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Certificate in Spanish-English and English-Spanish Translation
Certificate in Spanish-English Translation and Interpreting 

Certificate Description

OBJECTIVE: To provide students the opportunity to gain competence in Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation. This program will train students in a skill which can be applied to future employment in connection with such major fields as Business, Health, Journalism, Legal Services.

This certificate is offered to students who complete 19-21 credits in the courses listed below; a 3.5 or better grade-point average for the entire sequence is required, with a minimum of B in all courses (except 01:940:401 and 402, which require B+ or better).
For the Certificate Translation/Interpreting, the three courses in interpreting (475, 477, 487) are required.

Prerequisite Course

01:940:401 Advanced Translation I 3 credits

Core Courses

01:940:402 Advanced Translation II 3 credits
01:940:471* Internship in Translation/Interpreting 1-3 credits
01:940:475 Interpreting 3 credits
01:940:476** Legal Translation1.5 credits
01:940:477 Court Interpreting 3 credits
01:940:478 Theory & Practice of Translation 3 credits
or 01:940:479 Translation Workshop
01:940:486** Medical/Technical Translation 1.5 credits
01:940:487** Hospital/Community Interpreting 1.5 credits

Linguistics Courses

01:940:363 Bilingualism in the Spanish-Speaking World 3 credits
or 01:940:419 Dialectology of the Spanish-Speaking World
01:940:364 Contrastive Analysis (Spanish/English) 3 credits

Total Credits: 19 - 21
*Flexible assignment based on individual student background. May be waived for practicing translator/interpreter.
** With prior approval may be counted in lieu of a core course.

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